It's coming to Bluray!!

No cover art or release date... YET.

I Rep Young Money.


I'm very skeptical but if it does happen, I wouldn't mind these features:

1: At least a 2.0 Surround soundtrack. It's sad that the DVD only has a 2.0 Mono soundtrack. Ideally, they should try a 5.1 mix.

2: Clean up those darn scratch-marks on the left and right sides of the screen, when Charles Durning's character is introduced. They last for a good 10 seconds.

3: The theatrical trailer.

4: The TV spot.

5: The "Roadshow" trailer.

(3, 4 and 5 can even be found on YouTube for Pete's sakes)

6: That deleted scene, only shown when aired on TV.

It actually has the potential of being a nice Blu-Ray release. I just have doubts, based on how "bare-bones" the DVD is.


Update: No, it's not coming to Blu-ray. I've become a member and quite familiar with ... they've explained that MANY films are just "placeholders" for someone that has a Blu-ray release on their wishlist :(


Personally I hate HD movies. I like the scratchy old look of these older movies. That adds to the movie in my mind. I hate super crisp brightly lit sharp as a tact color movies.

I like my thriller/horror/ etc to look like I am an eye in the sky. Along for the ride as if I was there. Not like Im watching a movie that was done on a sound stage with lights.


Which is exactly what a proper blu-ray presentation should provide -- the best home replication of an actual cinema screening. Unfortunately, they're not always done properly.

Incidentally, it seems it has come to blu-ray, in a double-pack with Happy Birthday to Me, courtesy of Mill Creek.

reply is crap. i have it on blu ray

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