Is this on DVD?

Does anyone know where this can be obtained on DVD?


Yes, Norstein's "Heron & Crane" (Tzaplja i zhurawli (1974)), and " Hedgehog in Fog" (Yozhik v tumane (1975)), are both on the DVD "Masters of Russian Animation #2" and "Tale of Tales" (Skazka skazok (1979)) is on the 3rd of that 4 DVD series: "Masters Of Russian Animation #3".

All 4 DVDs are great, and keep an eye out for a 50 minute documentary (called "Yuri Norstein") that a Bulgarian company did on Norstein. It aired on BBC about 8(?) years ago, and was produced about 9 or 10(?) years ago. Really informative, and it includes clips of his (still uncompleted masterpiece, "The Overcoat"). AFAIK, it's NOT on home video, but it's out there somewhere :)

Try or for the Russian animation series.


Or you might want to do a search on or

And thank you very much for telling me, Cossack. I haven't seen much Russian film besides Tarkovskys works I guess this is a start. I'll buy all of them when I can spare the money.



Go to


Check out this link:

There are at least 5 DVDs on which his work appears, although some are French DVDs and some are in PAL format...


An excellent new DVD has been released by the Masters of Russian Animation people (with english subtitles):


The DVD and book has just been released as below: sorry to post this the day after the screening but I knew nothing about this until I went along last night. Clare Kitson was there to sign her book and DVD.

5. TALE OF TALES: An animated journey

discussed by AS BYATT and CLARE KITSON

CURZON SOHO, 99 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1


Tickets £5 / £4 concessions

Box office: 020 7734 2255

Yuri Norstein should not need discovering. In the animation world he is a legend, and his film TALE OF TALES has twice been voted the best animated film of all time. Yet he remains little-known among the wider public.

In discovering Norstein you can forget Disney, and forget the longueur found in East-European animation of past decades. This visionary filmmaker’s unique oeuvre ranges from children’s films (which are equally enchanting to adults) to his enigmatic masterpiece, TALE OF TALES. His admirers include Johnny Vaughan (who once, on Channel 4, nominated Norstein’s HEDGEHOG IN THE FOG as his all-time favourite animated film), Michel Gondry (who conceived one of his Björk videos as a tribute to that same film) and Booker-winning novelist AS Byatt, who recently wrote an in-depth analysis of TALE OF TALES in The Guardian.

In celebration of the new book Yuri Norstein and Tale of Tales: An Animator’s Journey by Clare Kitson, Curzon Cinemas presents Norstein’s legendary TALE OF TALES followed by a discussion with Clare Kitson and AS Byatt, hosted by Gareth Evans (editor of Vertigo Magazine and Time Out film critic).

TALE OF TALES (Skazka skazok)

Director: Yuri Norstein. Art Director: Francesca Yarbusova. USSR 1979. 28mins.

TALE OF TALES is a strange, poetic, wistful amalgam of Norstein’s childhood memories (he grew up in a USSR ravaged by WW2), fears for the present (it was made in the late ‘70s, the time of ‘stagnation’ under Brezhnev) and hopes for the future.

The total duration of the screening plus discussion is 60mins. Clare Kitson’s book, by John Libbey Publishing, will be on sale after the screening.

With thanks to AS Byatt, Clare Kitson, Dick Arnall and Gareth Evans.


Sorry forgot to mention it will be screened again at the Curzon Soho sometime in February 2006 I think either 24 or 26th I cannot remember. Phone the box office for more details: Box office: 020 7734 2255


Thanks for that info. It was a 35mm screening, I hope? If so, I think I'll have to try to make it to the repeat (on the 25th February).


For the record, Heron & Crane and Hedgehog in the Fog were shown from the DVD with subtitles, and Tale of Tales was shown on 35mm, without subtitles.


You can also order it as a MP4 from It's a good site and is quite reliable, ships internationally. It comes on the same disc as four other films by Norshtein.


The best DVD seems to be this one (same one as on the page, but cheaper and the website is more reliable):

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