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Imperial battleship, stop the flow of time!

That line, delivered by Plummer, stuck in my head forever after I heard it when I was like eight.
I still think it's one of the coolest de ex machinas of all time.

I watched this film on tv as a kid because I was a Knightrider fan as a kid, who wasn't right?
As a kid I never really apreciated how gorgeous Caroline Munro was and probably still is.

I haven't seen this film since that one time, I know it will be crap, it was when I first saw it, but I really want to see it again.

And I can't wait to read the book about the making of the film!

They should make more films like this, spacebabes in space bikinis.

Oh yeah.


The line, sir, was, "Imperial battleship, HALT the flow of time!"

But all the same, I agree that it's a no-topper show-stopper.


What I love is that they can stop the flow of time, but only for three minutes.


And it affects everything on the planet except for them.


That was a great device. Maybe they should lead with that next time...