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Any chance we can ever see the full 3-hour cut with English subtitles?!

I know I would LOVE this film if an hour had not been chopped out of it. Too much is missing as it stands with that hour removed.

Any chance the full length of the movie will ever be made available with English subtitles?



Doubtful - It premiered at full length at Cannes but was cut for general release


I don't demand much of forty-year-old biopics, but this stunk so badly, I can't see how you'd possibly want more of it. Astonishingly bad in terms of bad acting, bad writing, bad everything except the "meaningful" prostitute forever sitting in front of the tavern in a red dress, whose face we never see. She was meaningful because she seemed as bored by this movie as I was. It should have been called "Branwell's and Emily's and Anne's Series of Unfortunate Incidents."