Not Expecting NEWNAN, GA * SPOILERS? nah just observations and blabber

yeah, so, I just rented and watched this for the first time - not knowing anything about it. I thought the name just seemed weird enough for a 70s family movie and I thought the cover art with the Super Sherrifen or whatever was pretty sweet. I'm a fan of seeking crap like this out anyway just to see if its some sort of special "gem" of a movie I may have missed, so I figured I'd check it out...
well, turns out it was kinda s.hity well OKAY it was just OKAY, just way too much speeding, repeating and reversing. maybe I wish i would have seen it when I was younger, I may have appreciated it more than this First time watching.

The main thing that I wasnt expecting to see - was the weird 1979 version of the town I grew up in the mid 90's. NEWNAN, GA - It actually looked about the same.

It starts off in historic Downtown Newnan - shows a Picture of the local Paper I worked at that read - UFO SIGHTED IN NEWNAN - travels to Six Flags - and to Stone Mountain. - BUT MOSTLY IN NEWNAN - I just find it strange that I'd never heard of nor seen this movie after living in that damn town for years! I dunno maybe because its 3am and I was having a few beers while watching this fine peice of international cinema...or maybe I was having a psychic connection with the bratty close encounter "sattelite kid" in the film (-3 points for him) that was calling me to see this movie. Maybe not.
But I'll go ahead and give it a few extra points just for being some weird Italian Movie shot in my hometown.
As far as movies go I only knew of fried Green Tomatoes - and I think that scene in Pet Cemetary 2 where the kid gets his face peeled off with the motorcycle wheel.
Maybe I'll make a movie there someday.

thanks for reading