E.T. and the Sheriff - favorite part?

yeah, that seems to be an alternative title. i thought this came after "E.T.", but it's before, right. this actually looks like "e.t. meets twilight zone" at first..
one of my favorite parts is where bud is in the sheriff car using the mic trying to contact the aliens, and goes "spaceship! spaceship!", and some colleuges picks it up and goes "we're here but you don't make much sense". the store fight is a highlight.
"they use those to knock out elephants.. and they ought to work on him"

with your cute little hat on,
(well it looks cute on you though,)
sure cought me off guard,
to where did you fly off,
out in the snow,
around the fields of cold you come along,
look, the snow is gone,
there is gras down below,
on the spot that kept your shadow,
come inside the warmth,
bring your love back home,
kiss the cold so long, keep on glow,
and bring your womanly self back home,
come back inside,
see me tonight,
with or without that big hat worn,
with your cute little self on.