was there a time when a family wore same oufit? (or maybe they still do?

it just appeared strange to me that part of the movie where bud and the satellite kid drives in the park, and you see a whole family standing with the same clothing on!

you're so sweet and okey,
i'm so tired of your bitchy ways,
hello, did i introduce myself?,
i'm the mixed thoughts guy, good day,
why am i hanging around,
everybody cares about me anyhow,
feel like going home,
on second thought, i'm gonna stay gone,
unsure of myself,
wish somebody told me what to do, show me the way,
i'm good, i'm not,
i'll go through, i'll stop,
i can't stand myself,
i love my ways,
mixed thoughts guy,
i felt like splitting out,
but i'm not sure now.