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Where can I find the extended version?

I would like to watch the full, uncut version of SOS Titanic. I can't find it on YouTube or anywhere else. Can someone tell me a way to find it?


You should be able to find it on iOffer... If not - I have a copy of it.



I sent you a private message of a website where you can get all your hard to find films your looking for

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The extended version is available on torrent sites, but I've only found it with very poor quality (as though taken from an old VHS tape). Still, it's interesting to see the missing footage and some familiar scenes which are performed differently or have extra lines (and must be different takes). Examples are Ismay continuing to play around on the gym equipment after talking to Andrews, and Astor performing the 'is it possible that you love me?' scene differently (he's more romantic and the pair fall about kissing).

I was disappointed that it still has the same errors as the cut version (the ship sinking on the wrong day - unforgiveable - and Mary Sloan being on a lifeboat then back in the smoking room talking to Andrews). I'd chalked these up to mistakes in the editing of the cut version, but no, they're still there.

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