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Do the Rocky movies have a hidden lonely backstory?

At Rocky and Adrian's wedding, there was, like, NO ONE there. Parents at least. Rocky's parents? Adrian's/Paulie's parents? Any small circle of friends? The do-wop group from the corner couldn't take a few minutes away from their burning trash barrel?!


Maybe the do-wop group was purposely excluded.. They probably ate with their feet.

Anyway, I like the small wedding aspect of it. It contrasts nicely to the fame Rocky achieved after the fight.

It reminds me of when Mike Tyson commented about everybody inviting him over for dinner when he became champ. He wondered why no one wanted to dine with him when he was a nobody. He made a good point.


i know, good catch, i was just wondering about this last time i saw these movies, him and adrian are only about 30 in the first movie, yet there is never a hint of any parents, and the first movie has a very lonesome eerie feel to it with rocky on the empty dirty street in his little apartment, the 2006 movie has a bit of the same vibe about it as he's lost adrian and his glory days are behind and people treating him poorly by this time, and he's hanging out at the graveyard and much of it him reminiscing, i hope i got that word right, i'm not english speaking. i've got to say, some of the lines from mickey in this is something else, mickey: - "you're gonna eat lightning and crap thunder, we're gonna have to put you in a cage". notice there are records in rocky's apartment, i wonder what music he got on there, the two first rocky movies are sort of similar and realistic, the third starts a streak of circus action rocky flicks, still i enjoy some of them, speaking about all of this, i just thought of something, there is no back story about rocky, all we know about his past life is working for gazzo, maybe someday there will be a rocky prequel.


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