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When was the FIRST time you saw this movie? Where were you? What did you


Local drive in theater, original release (it was "scary summer" 1979 -- Alien, Dawn of the Dead, Night Wing, Prophecy and a few others) . LOVED IT!!!!!!!! I was so excited when it came to HBO in 1980!! Then countless VHS rentals.......from Mom & Pop video stores...........

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Last week actually. Was stoned out of my gord. Had to keep backing it up because I couldn't pay attention haha. But I loved it. Awesome soundtrack, atmosphere, acting was pretty good. After the 3 guys stow the midget in the ice cream truck and Reggie says "This guy's not gonna leak in my ice cream is he?" I absolutely lost it. The jam session was awesome too. Very enjoyable flick.


Saw it on its initial UK cinema release in '79. I was 13. Love it.