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Where does Saki come in?

Saki is one of my favourite authors, so I thought I'd check him out on IMDB.

This film is listed as being at least partly inspired by one of his stories. How? Why?

I've read the review and watched the trailer, but I don't see the connection to any of his tales (and yes, I have read them all.)

Did the producer attach Saki's name just to give weight to the film? Can anyone out there enlighten me?



I have not seen the movie nor am I overly familiar with the work of Saki. But a horror movie guide I have says this is based on the short story "Srendi Vashtar". Does that help at all? I'd imagine any connection to the short story would be very general. Maybe they thought it would make the movie seem somewhat more classy by playing up such an inspiration.


In "Nightmare USA", the author dedicates an entire chapter to this film and its director. Saki's "Srendi Vashtar" is, indeed, a basis. The producers actually whittled away at the film without input from the director, so his intentional nods to the story may have been lost.