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Do not operate heavy machinery when watching this!

this is probably the most boring and pretentious movie, and I have artist friends, I have ever seen ... I fell asleep watching this movie.

It's like drinking three bottles of Robitussin then staring at dirt for 2 hours... I kept waiting for this film to develop into something ominous or creepy but it was just boring ...

Herzog can be a genius ... but this movie works violently against any such claims.


The thing with Herzog is that he can be brilliant one scene and then have two scenes in which he either paid no attention or just left the assembly cut with no trimming. Or he'll take a really long time to make a point you picked up on in the first 3 seconds. It can be pretty maddening.

I hated this when I first saw it 20+ years ago on a dark VHS transfer and crummy TV. Now in HD it's really gorgeous and Kinski and Adjani are arresting, but you could cut a half hour without losing anything great.



I usually work the drill when I watch Nosferatu. A fine combination.

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Soooo boring! I'm watching it on DVD now, there are about 20 minutes left, and it's so boring that I am here typing this instead of devoting my full attention to it! Almost fell asleep.


I love this movie, but if I am in any way sleepy before watching it, it will probably put me to sleep. It's not because it's boring, it has a very ethereal, dreamlike, almost soothing quality to it.

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This movie has a half dozen scenes that need to be edited as they were yes, too pretentious, but this movie is far closer to masterpiece then bore fest.