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What Happened to the posts?

I had posted on here once, but I noticed all the previous postings have been removed.

Anyway, I bought this on VHS, put out by MEDIA Home Entertainment (one of the first VHS movies I've ever owned), for what was a whopping $ 50 (U.S.) dollars at the time (in 1981). The disco music was actually way better than the movie (I still have the soundtrack on 8-track tape).

Also, I never knew actor, Tony Hamilton (R.I.P), was gay, as many times as I watched this. My Gaydar must be so far off!!!

But does anyone know what happened to the "star", Nai Bonet?


imdb is absolutely notorious for sporadically (and inexplicably) losing posts in big data dumps. You'd think they'd introduce new boards -- this system was already outdated before imdb ever implemented it.

As for Nai Bonet, she made one more movie for herself in 1980 ("Hoodlums") and then retired from films. Don't believe the mini-bio on her page, which claims she moved to Bosnia; pretty sure that's total b.s. ter-of-dracula


Nai Bonet is reportedly still alive and living in New York city.

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