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2.9!? What the hell is going on!?

Can someone please explain to me why this film has got a score of 2.9? Looking at the votes for it, it has mean and median both about 7. I can't understand why this great kung-fu film has got such a low score. Could anyone please explain it to me?

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I have no idea, im just as confused as you are. I can see this is a very slept on classic. This is one of my favorite kung fu flicks. 4.5/5. Peace.

Edit - Just watched it again yesterday and man it was even sicker. I love how there isn't alot of talkin and instead of talkin sh!t they fight it out and there is some funny lines in there. Its funny at the end *SPOILER* When the teacher dies and then one of the students (Forgot his name) goes crazy and then they both throw the Villian (Not good with names, damn Cali bud) in that like open tree trunk and then break his legs like crazy ahahah. You can totally tell too that its a doll.haha and then he goes crazy on his friend and his friend jumps up like 10 feet in to that tree. hahah. Sh!t's seriously sick. Peace.

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I don't get it either. It's a good kung-fu flick.

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I purchased this movie for $7.00 and put it aside for one of those days when nothing is on television. It's a pretty good movie and I thought the fight scenes were well organized. Most martial arts movies tend to stick to a formula regarding storylines but this one took a few old themes, turned them around and made for a good climatic ending.