DVD versions

Amazon has 2 TKAA "special editions" listed. One listed as 2003(the one I had). And one that came out in 2009. Is there any difference? The one I had from 2003 was 2 disc with Ben Stein Commentary, John's Isolated bass track, and documentaries on the tracking down of original source materials and remastering.

Anybody know what's on the 2009 version?


I think I have the 2009 version. It's one disc only. 5.1 channel sound. No isolated base and missing the extra materials. Is the 2003 version remastered - how does it sound on a home theater system?


Yes the 03 version is actually a full reconstruction of the original movie from the various source clips. All the clips were digitally restored and assembled into the final movie.

According to the commentary there was no usable original print of the whole movie available to restore. So they travelled all over the world collecting all the little bits and pieces from the original sources, TV stations and rights holders. Then reassembled a new full digital print. So it's actually better than a restoration of the original movie.

In a few cases they were able to get better source material than they got in 1977. They were able to digitally retore, speed correct and in the case of the Rolling Stones Circus do a proper cropping, before assembling the movie.

Plus going back to the original source clips they were able to do a lot more with the sound quality, and splitting up the multi-channel.

I would bet the 09 version you got is the remastered version from 03, just stripped of all the bonus stuff.