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'I'm for the Hippopotamus' / 'We're for the Hippopotamus'

the title of this movie on my swedish version is "We're for the hippotamous" (but in swedish words), but on other i've seen it titled (again, swedish) "I'm for the hippopartimous".
the VHS version i got isn't very old (not an old rental from the 1980's or something), but probably the last VHS release of Hill/Spencer movies before DVD took over.

here comes a change again,
why am i not suprised for a quarter of a second,
can't anything stick,
you seem to change everything bit by bit,
do you have a problem with the schedule,
is nothing anymore supose to be traditional and regular?
is it so hard to get it good the first time,
that these changes has to come to confuse peoples minds,
changes faster than old fashioned lightbulbs,
i know at diffrent places, new things come along,
but you changes faster than anything i know.



Hehe! oh yeah I just love it! :D