Need help

i'm searching for the music track which is played after bud spencer and terence hill let the animals free please help me!!!!


it calls "grau grau grau" i think


no i don't mean grau grau grau but thx anyway

Life is expensively, only death is in vain



wie ich gelesen habe, bist du aus Deutschland.

Die Antwort von MrBlonde81 ist schon richtig.
Die Melodie an der Stelle ist die gleiche, wie GRAU GRAU GRAU.
Die Filmmusik der meisten Spencer/Hill-Filme stammt von Oliver Onions.
Schau dich einfach mal bei den beiden Links um.
Viel Glück bei deiner Suche. ref=pd_sim_m_1_img




vielen danke! or something! :D




Ironically the song you are looking for is called freedom. You said it yourself, they let the animals free. Here you have a link of the song.


the soundtrack to this movie really is amazing, it's one of the many terence hill and bud spencer movie soundtracks that has been released on cd 💿, somehow these terence hill & bud spencer movies generally manage to have really hookable tunes, being italian comedies you expect some goofy soundtrack, right, but this really reaches high quality and is similar to major hollywood movies soundtracks, i'm really surprised, and bud himself sings on three of the tracks on this, can you believe it, while hill none actually, funny how in that way i guess you hear both bud's actual voice and dubbed one in this movie, he sings on english though and it's the only time i've heard bud's real voice doing english except from the 1986 cannon produced "aladdin", his english sounds very edgy and rough in that flick, but i guess it took the exception of the cannon production company to still use it instead of the usual dubbing (the aladdin soundtrack is also available on cd 💿 by the way), i also heard his real voice in an italian tv commercial around 2008 where he played santa claus, that of course wasn't in english though. you don't need to like this actual movie to enjoy the soundtrack to it, it's really diverse, it really is something else.

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fellas and babies all over the house,
unexpected you and your ladyfriend came by,
in wilderness pushed me out,
escaped with me lit campfire shook soul alive,
knocked me down in flames,
buried your hair in my face voice like wind blow my brain,
where you left ladyfriend picks it up,
through hours festive vibe as i was set for dull time.