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RIP: Cinematographer Aiace Parolin dies at 96

November 21, 2016

The condolences from the Teramo Nostra Saturday for the passing of Aiace Parolin

On November 19, Aiace Parolin died in Rome at the age of 96 years, the director of cinematography and the recipient at the latest edition of the Di Venanzo Award, organized by the Teramo Nostra, where he received the Light Meter Golden Career award last October 15th by his daughter Anna Maria Parolin, received the prestigious award given to the great master of light by the jury chaired by Stefano Masi.

"Thanks to this recognition," said Piero Chiarini, president of Teramo Nostra, "we have also filled a gap by giving the prize to a great filmmaker, who has always maintained a anti-divesture profile and that, as he put it, had known the film 'on the side of the director'. To the family, his daughter Anna Maria who we met in Teramo, go the association's condolences.

The most famous film photographed by Parolin, "Seduced and Abandoned" (1964) by Pietro Germi, was screened last August 8th in Teramo within "Cineramnia Under the Stars".

For twenty years he was at the side of Germi in nine films, also earning several nominations for the Silver Ribbon and the David di Donatello.

After the death of Pietro Germi, Parolin worked on spaghetti western films with much success, among them surely Keoma (1976) directed by Enzo Castellari, Quentin Tarantino's favorite, and then also for television with the very successful series as molto fortunate come La famiglia Benvenuti (1968-1969). Among his last works the blockbuster "Io sto con gli ippopotami " (1979) directed by Italo Zingarelli and starring Bud Spencer and Terence Hill.

Born: 3/28/1920, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
Died: 11/19/2016, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Aiace Parolin’s westerns – cinematographer:
The Sheriff Won’t Shoot – 1965
A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die – 1968
Carambola – 1974
Carambola’s Philosophy: In the Right Pocket – 1975
Keoma - 1976