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Save Yourself Some Time-Just Watch the Trailer!

It's difficult to say something nice about this film, or this director, for that matter. I had no idea this director (Borowczyk) also made one of the WORST cinematic pieces of excrement ever committed on a paying audience (Love Rites-See my review on THAT wonderful heartwarming movie!)

This film was MUCH better then Love Rites, but I really dislike this guy’s movies! I dunno… Maybe I’m not French enough, but this film was another excursion into bizarre behavior without clothes on. I suppose this movie can answer that age old question… “What if David Lynch made a skin flick?”
I think this movie might be a pretty strong clue.

I think this movie benefited from a great trailer, and effective advertising, promising an erotic & titillating /controversial film watching experience.

What you wind up with is 2 hours of solid boredom.

By all means, miss this one. You can afford to.

Trust me,
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