Incest Angle

I thought it was my overactive imagination that had me see an incestuous attraction between Charlotte and Captain Bruckner. Then I saw it mention more than once in reviews, and I went back and watched the film some more. No, it was not my imagination, in fact the only reason it didn't jump out at me was my disbelief that a PG film would infer such a thing so strongly.

Note that when Charlotte gets off the boat, her father hugs her wet body like she was his long lost lover - and kisses her on the mouth! As this is outdoors I'm surprised the gossip wasn't all over Pago Pago the next day. Later, Charlotte comes toward her father's bed and purrs, "You smoke too much," and then breathily proposes they sail away to Shanghai. "I can be as close as you want me to be." "And Matangi?" Bruckner replies. "He can be removed as high chief [but let out of jail in return for me sleeping with you]," she responds. Bruckner turns down the offer. He isn't going to let that young buck / his rival out.

I thought when I watched it that Farrow doesn't top any guys list of "film actresses I'd like to see naked" but I didn't speak for the director.