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this movie needs to be available on DVD

I haven't seen The House on Garibaldi Street in many years, and I'd love to watch it again.

Completely aside from the question of its historical accuracy, or not, in depicting Eichmann's capture in Argentina, the movie is simply a terrific drama and character study. The script and direction are both excellent, and every one of the principal actors turns in an amazing performance. This ranks with the best of thrillers, real or fictional. The core of the film is concerned not so much with the finding and capturing of Eichmann, or later with his return for trial in Israel, but rather with the waiting in Eichmann's house for the agents and their quarry to be smuggled illegally out of Argentina. The seemingly endless waiting, and the unbearable tension; the agents' fear of being discovered and arrested themselves, and thus losing Eichmann whom they had tracked relentlessly for 15 years; and how the different Israeli agents try to come to grips with this man and to comprehend what he did.

The movie used to be available on VHS, but is now long out of print, and unfortunately it has never been transferred to DVD.


Netflix has it for streaming. Watching it now. Quite compelling.

"Martha Washington was a hip, hip, hip lady, man."



Currently streaming on Amazon Prime as of November 2015. This version has a runtime of 101 minutes.


It is on DVD. I have it.