Anywhere to get the uncut version?

I know why it's cut, but it's still weird since there are at least four other kung fu films you can find that animal fights/deaths in them and they aren't cut. Anywhere to get the uncut on DVD?

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I know this post is 3 years old, but just in case you were never able to find this; The uncut version of "Snake In the Monkey's Shadow" is available on dvd. but you must be careful of which version to buy. Red Sun's "Shaolin Collection" series is the label to look for. The picture quality is fairly poor, but watchable, (VHS quality) and it is actually in 1;85 widescreen. But the important scene of the monkey fighting the snake, and eventually biting it's head have been restored for this edition. It is a very important and pivotal scene that should never have been cut IMO. anyway this is one of the finest kung fu films of it's kind and is now available uncut.