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I'm a hot rod, baby...

Does anyone know the name and performer of the song Cannonball starts singing when he's driving to Munn's?

"I'm a hot rod, baby. Moving on down the line....I'm a hot rod, baby. This is the end of the line." Those are the two lines of the song that we get to hear him sing, and I would really like to hear the actual whole song.


it was just dialog in the movie, not really a song as far as I know. Or, it could be some VERY obscure 50's rockabilly thing... but I really doubt it as ABC would not have wanted to pay royalties for a 'real' song.


I agree that it's probably not a song and just something they made up. As for ABC not wanting to pay royalties I can't agree with that. Look at all the songs they used, from the stuff Hurricaine played on the radio to the Eddie Cochran song (Something Else) the band at the street dance covered. They didn't seem to mind paying for those.

The song I wonder about is the second one that band played. Never heard that before, wonder if it was an original?