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well it looks great.SPOILERS SPOILERS

DID I MENTION SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw this years ago on tv and did not like it.
But many years later there was a 5 dvds for 20 pounds deal so I thought I would give it another chance.

I am a war film and aviation fan so I like the B25 bombers in this (they are real,days before CGI).

But the dialogue is bad,Ford plays a smart ass US pilot who has a 1970s hair cut in this,I don't mean a hippy haircut but too long for a 1940s male I think.

His lines are annoying,his attitude to his superiors seems like a steal from the film of CATCH 22,even the smart ass words he uses.

Lesley Ann Down is fine as the women who loves Ford but is married to Christopher Plummer who is a British spy master.

The plot is that Ford is given a special mission,as a punishment for being a big kid? and the mission is to drop Plummer into German occupied France to steal some documents from the Gestapo.

The plane gets shot down and they have an adventure getting back to Britain with the documents.

The action scenes are pretty good and I like the flying scenes but the film is flawed because it is trying to be a war film and a romance.

It is not a great film but I don't think it is awful either.

I said that it looks great and it does.
Plummer's flat looks fantastic,huge with great detail,reminds me of the flat in THE MAN WHO NEVER WAS,far too good looking for wartime?