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What was Utpal Dutt doing at a hockey match, in the first place?

Did Hrishida miss this gaping plot hole? Or was this just to show he was being a hypocrite jerk?



It's the latter. He is a big hypocrite, and that is the whole fun part, and truly, that is what these "aadarshvaadi's" usually are.

The loophole is the fact that Utpal Dutt never confronted him in the stadium, when he was in such close proximity to even hear a random remark. That said, the movie would've never progressed had that happened.

Nonetheless, a brilliant comedy film, worth seeing over and over again. :)


NO!!!!!!!!!! know how he says "jawani kaam ke liye hai, phir uske baat jo chaahe shok pura karo"

basically hes through his younger years, now hes older and curious about what all the younger guys, are so crazy he goes to watch the game

and sees ram prasaad dashrat prasaad sharma AKA laxman prasaad dashrat prasaad sharma


Well said clyde.


I think he sees Amol Palekar outside of the stadium and follows him right in to the stadium.

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That can't be so. Upul Dutt enters the stadium first and then Amol Palekar enters with his friends. Morover, Upul Dutt gets astonished only when he sees Amol Palekar inside the stadium while he sits on the stands. So your point is invalid.