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... counselling and/or suicide.



When there's no more room in hell, The dead will walk the earth...


I enjoyed the fact that the police inspector (who looked like a star in a porn movie) really loved hard boiled eggs. I remember a few scenes where he shows up with one and starts eating it.

I found that a little funny in an otherwise mean spirited film.


The hard boiled eggs thing was a silly attempt by the Italian actor to imitate "Kojak", who had been a very popular 70s American TV show cop, played by Telly Savalas, who was a huge star in Italy. He always had his trademark of lollipops, just pulling one out of his pocket and popping it in his mouth at crime scenes and so on. This guy in this movie was trying his own version of that, but with eggs.

SO silly.

Yeah, otherwise, though, this is one mean, nasty film.