A Masterpiece

This is a very major film by a well-known figure in international cinema, yet it seems to have disappeared without trace from film-goers' consciousness. Am I the only person to have seen this masterpiece and to have admired it??

As a depiction of a great city—Vienna is the real protagonist of this singular evokation of a time and place—this is peerless. As a portrait of a people's culture, it is right on and mercyless.

And the ostensible human protagonist, 'Marianne', played by Birgit Doll, is photographically haunting as well. What a beautiful actress! What a beautiful spirit she has! I am not generally into women but the scene in which Marianne sings Das Mädchen in der Wachau standing on top of a table made me daydream about Fräulein Doll for years... Those cast-down eyes! This is why film exists.

It is a cultural crime that there is no DVD.