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Wouldn't waste my time with this

Just finished watching it and the highlight for me was the music. Having unknown but later successful actors like Debra Winger and Mandy Patankin in it did nothing for the film.

In fact, I had to re-watch the scenes with Winger to make sure she had the small part she is credited with. Mandy's character and scene was so distracting and idiotic, I had to figure this was his first acting role. He's lucky his talents were later discovered cuz this movie would have sunk him. The only standout is Marie-France Pisier. Her acting was tops and it didn't hurt that she looks like Julianna Margulies.

If you want to see a coming of age, fun romp through Europe movie, might I suggest Gotcha with Anthony Edwards. It was made 6 years after this and sure, its dated, but a lot more entertaining.