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Movie running time - DVD cut or uncut

Hi there!

I'm hoping someone can assist me on this one. I've just bought the spanish releases of several Jean Rollin's movies but I'm unsure of the uncut status of the DVD's. All the nudity and gore seem to be there but I've searched the net and it got even more confusing for it seems that almost all releases have different running times. I guess that for some of them the indicated time may not be accurate...

So, if anyone possesses the DVD's I'd like to have your comparisons on the running time - the following are in the PAL system so it should be 4% shorter than the NTSC system.

My DVD's have the following duration:

«Le Viol du Vampire» - 90 min 46 s

«La Vampire Nue» - 81 min 18 s

«Frisson des Vampires» - 91 min 39 s

«Réquiem pour un Vampire» - 86 min 50 s (well, actually it reads 88 minutes, but the print seems to be the one from Redemption films - and the Redemption annoucement lasts for 1 min 10 s)

«Fascination» - 78 min 26 s

«La Morte Vivante» - 86 min 09 s

Some of these are shorter but others are longer than releases that are supposed to be uncut versions. If anyone is certain about this topic I'd appreciate very much their assistance.



The recent Redemption DVD and Blu-Ray for "Fascination" is a complete and uncut version runs 81 minutes long.

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