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Livia Russo's DOB and infamous nude scenes

Warning: If you just want to see Laura Gemser naked and do not want to see a naked minor girl, you should choose a different Emanuelle flick.

According to the site, under Livia Russo's entry, she was born August 11, 1965. The movie was released in February of 1980, so was shot in 1979. A little math will show that Livia would've turned 14 in August of 1979, so she was either 13 or 14 at the time the movie was shot... including her extensive nude scenes. (Even had they filmed in January of 1980 as late as humanly possible, rushed the film out and somehow gotten the film into theatres for the February release date, she still would've been 14 at most in February of 1980.)

For those of you who are able to view the film, watch it and tell me she doesn't look severely under-aged in her scenes. The BBC evidently thought so, too, as they required the distributor of the DVD there to cut 7 minutes from the film to comply with the Protection of Children Act - guess which 7 minutes that was?

Yeah, her prolonged full-frontal shower scene which included close-ups of her tiny underdeveloped breasts and just-starting pubic hair, her nude scene on the beach with her boyfriend, and the final unbelievable simulated rape scene where she is stripped of her clothes by an adult man and then violated. The man is actually shown on top of her nude body thrusting and simulating orgasm, though it's clear he's only going thru the motions and his junk is still in his pants (As if this weren't sufficient, they throw in a final full-frontal nude shot as she get up afterwards.)

Amazingly, all of this was allowed uncut on the American DVD release, which went for about $30 at the time and was available in respectable retailers such as bookstore chains. A new copy now goes on E-Bay for over $300, with a used copy fetching $200.

Even taking into account the era the film was made, it's incredible the crew and producers weren't jailed. Aside from Maladolescenza, I can't think of any films that went this far, and even that film was arguably less graphic and exploitative, even if the girls were a bit younger. If this sort of thing bothers you, do not watch this film!


It does bother me and I'll be sure to avoid it!


Yeah, I've seen a few sort-porn movies of the Emanuelle type (and of the series), but none of them had anything like this. (O.K. so a few had nudity of girls in the 17-year old range, but pretty tame with this in comparison.) I can't believe none of the cast objected to this knowing the girl's age. And where were the girl's parents? I wonder what the hell the laws were in Cypress at the time - was this actually legal to film?


No, Laura Gemser's husband Gabriele Tinti played Tommy, the man she falls in love with. Haris Tryfonas played Mario, the hitman/rapist.



Ah, my bad. I thought IMDB made a mistake, but I just searched for pics of the actor and sure enough, you're right - Gabrielle Tinti's definitely the guy who played the good guy, not the rapist. So her hubby wasn't lying on top of an under-aged girl... but apparently Haris Tryfonas was. I'll edit my comments above to reflect this. Anyway, we still have a movie with extensive under-aged nudity and a nude rape scene, and Gemser and her co-stars were surely aware of this - did they think it was all right?!?