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James Caan as Neil Simon


Cast this hunk as nerdy comedy writer.

The line Valerie Harper's character delivers "Not gorgeous but an intelligent face" - GIMME A BREAK!!!


"Don't call me 'honey', mac."
"Don't call me 'mac'... HONEY!"


Yes, heard that line about "not gorgeous" and thought - Are you kidding me??

I think since this was semi-biographical about Neil Simon and Marsha Mason's marriage, James Caan was trying to appear, with the oversized glasses and speech/accent, somewhat like Neil.


I agree that Caan is mis-cast here and it is detrimental to the overall success of the film. Caan just looks uncomfortable trying to snap off some of Simon's one liners.


James Caan would be one of the last actors I'd pick for this role.

According to the TCM introduction, Judd Hirsch played the part on Broadway. I'd rather cast him or maybe Alan Alda for the believability factor.

P.S. I think Faye's complete description is "Not gorgeous but sweet-looking and an intelligent face." Jennie just said "Not gorgeous but an intelligent face."

Anyway, I didn't care for the movie.

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Alan Alda would have been perfect!