Full of Arabs line

What was the point? In addition to being racist (seriously what if he said full of blacks or full of jews or hispanics or asians) he could jus say "awful, lousy"


To make bigotry against Arabs normal and acceptable.
Pretty much like every movie that has every depicted Arabs in Hollywood ever.



It's the kind of sincere observation a visiting New Yorker might have made about Europe in 1979 and would be MORE likely to be making today, but here in the bizarro world of the 21st Century, such sincerity is not valued. It's frowned upon. Thanks to the toxin that is Political Correctness, we are now expected to deny the input of our own 5 senses and pretend that the profound social and demographic changes taking place in Europe and North America aren't really happening.

Because PC is not about "good manners." (If only!) PC all about the willful distortion of reality. It is all about pretending that what is manifestly true is actually -- wonders of wonders! -- false, and what is empirically false is actually -- brace yourself, gang! -- TRUE.

So James Caan's character was saying what any normal American would be thinking, but thanks to the PC Thought Police, such thoughts are no longer acceptable.