fans of luis bunuel

fans of bunuel's comedies should check this out!
and fans of this should see bunuel's movies
phantom of liberty
descreet charm of the...
milky way
same sort of absurd/sureal dream logic


Also highly recommended for European surrealist comedy fans.

By Bertrand Blier:
Tenue de Soiree
Les Valseueses

And by Bunuel:
Exterminating Angel

Warning: It's almost impossible to find English subtitled versions of these Bertrand Blier movies, so a fairly good understanding of rapid fire French slang idioms may be required. Particularly as regards Tenue De Soiree and Calmos.
Another drawback is that VHS versions are mainly on the SECAM system, which means that most PAL or NTSC video players will only play them in monochrome.
Despite these minor details, if you see a version originale copy on your travels, grab it. The cinematography, acting and direction are awesome. Worth learning the language for.



Might I also recommend 3 Lives and Only One Death by Raoul Ruiz. Wonderfully absurd film!

Exterminate all rational thought. That is the conclusion I have come to


I put buffet froid right beside phantom of liberty. Great stuff.


Not to forget about Godards films.

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FWIW, I actually think Blier is sharper, more inspired and organically outrageous than the often very heavy handed Bunuel.

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