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Can anybody explain what this movie is about?

Well, I have finally seen "Bloody Kids" now, but I must admit that I don't find much of a plot in this film. Was it meant to be that way? Or is there some hidden meaning that I didn't notice?

Unfortunately, the DVD has no subtitles... What are the two boys up to at all? There doesn't seem to be a story behind all this. Or is the film just supposed to be a "character study"?

And what is the strange character "Ken" supposed to be? Just a regular lunatic and troublemaker - or was there more? In the end he jumps off the roof of the bus, because (as he said) it was all he ever wanted...

But after all, he (Ken) seems to have at least one short moment of brightness. In the scene in the restaurant, when his verbal "piss fit" gradually ceases, all of a sudden he says to the boy: "What are we doing here, anyway? Can you tell me that??" But this was just one brief shiny moment.

After that he continued being the strange lunatic he probably ever was.

So is there any point in this movie? Or have I expected too much of it?

Anyway, thanks for reading this.


No idea