German Music Over Titles !!!

What the hell is it ? It's also featured in the titles of Supervixens (A march?)

My friends and I have been Imitating it for years. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


It's a reference to the character Martin Bormann. The real Bormann was a big man in the Nazis during WWII. Since he was never really captured, there was a rumor that he was in South America which seemed to be a "haven" for Nazi war criminals in hiding. Meyer first used Bormann (played by Henry Rowland) as a character in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. From South America, I guess Bormann moved to the Southwest U.S. for the other two movies.

Yippee: "For king!"
Yappee: "For country!"
Yahooie: "And, most of all, for 10¢ an hour!"