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Petition for a DVD/Blu Ray release!

This film is an overlooked classic.

Now that most of us own our favourite films on DVD, the big publishing companies are desperately trying to think up schemes to con us into buying them all again on Blu-Ray. Well, here's a cheap round for them: They never released Bear Island on DVD in the first place!

Come-on fat cats: work for us for a change. Give us a nice Blu-Ray of Bear Island.

Anyone with me?


i'm with you on this one.



Just got here but I'm with you guys.
Have looked everywhere to no avail. I bought this over 10yrs. ago and still watch it but keep searching.
If anyone locates please contact [email protected]


'Bear Island' is available on a genuine Region DvD (spanish release but with English Audio)on 2 discs (longer cut & theatrical cut)
it can be found on EBAY