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bought the BRITISH dvd today,see what I remember

I saw this on tv years ago,I like Mclean's stuff but I did not like the film much.

I do recall VANESSA REDGRAVE doing the most incredible Norwegian accent,I am sure it was a very accurate accent but it just sounded weird.


Watching it again I was surprised how much I remembered of the plot,the confusing plot.

I liked the film but not a lot happens,Vanessa Redgrave's performance is amazing,her accent is just crazy.

I like this sort of film and am glad I saw it again but I won't watch it as often as I watch ICE STATION ZEBRA or WHERE EAGLES DARE.


Late to the party I know but I'm watching this now but missed the beginning and thought Vanessa Redgrave was supposed to be Welsh! (The part in the snow where she storms away from Richard Widmark and he shouts after her). I was surprised to see she's supposed to be Norwegian.