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Marlon Brando was not worth $3 million.

10% of the film's budget for him to do...that? Um, no. You barely even saw the guy!
FFC could've hired some other actor to play that part just as well for 90% less and without any of the diva demands/behavior.


With big name actors it's not about if their role merits the large amount of money they recieve. In real terms it clearly does not.

But Brando's name will sell tickets, he is world famous.

He really does not have to do much apart from show up...and he did indeed do very little.

You want Brando, you're gonna pay foe him.


Yea, that's what I figured it was about. Just using his name to sell tickets. Sad! But still...if someone was willing to pay me $3 million for three weeks worth of work in 1978 (or today for that matter), I think I'd find a way to set my demanding diva antics aside. Especially considering they'd worked together before! Evidently the human ego has no limits.


The other issue is about an actors standing within the acting community.

If they are considered a guaranteed box office draw then they have a minimum fee. And the more hits they have, the bigger the fee.

Plus there is also healthy competition between actors as to who commands the bigger fee.

To be honest, it's the agents that negotiate the fees. It's not the actors demanding huge salaries.

Same happens in the world of sport...people being paid what we would consider to be obscene amounts of money.

And as you said, their work does not equate to the vast amount of money they are paid. It's a different world to the likes of us working stiffs...