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**SPOILERS**The only thing bad about this version

He looks like he is in his 70's or 80's when he should be in his later 40's or 50's. The reason: when he is in Christmas present, he sees the daughter of his first love, who's probably in her teens. And they show his former fiance, looking real old. But the story-line is that it is her daughter, not grand-daughter.

That doesn't make too much sense. They are too old to have younger children like that.



Maybe being extra-extra mean makes you, like, age extra-extra fast or something!!

I've got to hand it to a lot of people on these message boards, they certainly have an eye for detail. I never noticed the age discrepency thing in this movie in particular, and in general, I don't catch half the things everybody talks about. But all the comments (and yes sometimes the arguments, too) are fun to read, and it does give me a heads up for when I watch the movie the next time.

So thanks to everybody for the info cause being a better informed person makes for a better movie watching experience, for me anyways, and that's what it's all about, right?? But then again, a bit of mindless escapism (hopefully with some awesome computer animation) where you can just sit back, watch the screen, and not have to think too much can be just what the doctor ordered...

"Go back to your oar, Forty One."


I think that was supposed to be the idea. Slade had been so isolated and cold for all those years that it aged him prematurely.

"House. My room. Can't walk. My medal. My father. Father, don't!"


It's the same with Scrooge, he looked the same age as his former fiancé when they were together, and 7 years before the story takes place she is married to someone else and has very young children yet Scrooge always looks like he's in his 60s or 70s.


Yeah I thought that was wrong as well.