Available on blu ray!

I didn't even know it was on blu ray until last week and decided to upgrade my dvd. The transfer is pretty nice and there is one extra included: a 5 or 10 minute interview with Henry Winkler where he discusses his role in the movie.

The dvd maintains the 4:3 television ratio so you get black bars on the left/right of the screen, but it is not distracting.

I really do enjoy watching this film around the holidays. I saw it on television when it was first broadcast (it was kind of a big deal and advertised heavily--all of us kids who watched Happy Days were eager to check it out.) I videotaped it off of television about a decade later and then bought the dvd.

The most enjoyable part of the movie is that the story differs enough from Dickens' A Christmas Carol that it has its own uniqueness. A very good story with strong acting. If you watch holiday themed movies around Christmas I would tell you to try to find a copy of this.