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Scene With Dennis Burkley, Must Have Been Sheree North . . .

Dennis Burkley was the big bubba in so many programs especially in the 70s, but he was never a name, but he would be Bubba with a slight intelligent streak, not a total idiot.

I remembered a movie scene, all I watched of the movie, with a stand up comic on a stage in a bar and he told a joke about the Viet Nam war.

A drunken woman at the bar took offense and said she lost a son in the war. The comic now looked very uncomfortable and I'm fairly certain the big bubba character actor then told the comic to get off the stage.

I finally found Burkley as I learned from a marathon once that he appeared on Redd Foxx's follow-up show to Sanford & Son, simply called Sanford.

So I looked up the bubba actor, but what if it wasn't him in the movie? I searched his listing and sure enough, here it was.

I thought the drunken woman seemed alot like Sheree North and by George, character descriptions here seem to point to her as being the other person in the clip.

I would have to further conclude that Jeff altman was the awkward, unfunny comedian. Seems to be what I recall, was someone like him.

Sort of wish I had watched more of this movie.


Yes, it was that movie. A made-for-TV title that definitely needs to be released on DVD. Many great stars - some now deceased.