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Supertrain never got on the right track.

It seems that Supertrain never got on the right track and ended up on the wrong tract you might say. You might also say Supertrain became a train wreck. The sets were quite expensive also.


Although it was engineered to be a hit by network Super Chief Fred Silverman, the lackluster ratings often put the show on the caboose of NBC's prime-time line up.
Also the high production costs delayed many episodes, causing the show to go off track. Eventually the viewers who were all aboard for the first few episodes soon ran out of steam.
Nothing could express how bad those shows truly were.

And also....uhhh....there was....ummm....

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SUPERTRAIN may have never got on the right track, but I have an old Prism video release of the pilot movie: EXPRESS TO TERROR.

Hard to find little devil.


They should at least put the pilot TV movie onto DVD, then it'd be easyer to find then some out of print / stock / where is it anyway VHS tape.

Or maybe the entire series onto DVD, at only 9 or 10 episodes it'd be a cheap DVD to buy wouldn't it, that's the entire run after all.

Granted NBC / Universal seems to think if they ignore it, it'll go away as nothing as a bad memory, like NEW COKE ;)

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I agree, I wish NBC/Universal would release it on dvd. I would love to watch it again. I was only 15 years old when it first ran, and has so often happens, the memories are better than show actually was, but would like to see it again nonetheless. I often see the pilot episode for sale on ebay, but can't seem to find any of the episodes available anywhere. I often check TVSHOWSONDVD.COM to see new tv shows being released, but never see anything on Supertrain. Another website,Ioffer, has many old tv series, transferred from vhs to dvd, available, but none of the seller offer Supertrain. With so few episodes, the dvd would be rather cheap to produce and sell. Maybe someday we'll get our wishes!


As long as there weren't any half-way popular songs on the soundtrack, that might make it expensive (as it has for other DVD movies and series....)