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Roots Really is a True Story!!!

I think this story is about every African American. A lot of the story may be fiction because it is not exactly what happened in Alex Haley family but it is what happened in a lot of African American families. I just watched the the miniseries and it just made me think this is what my ancestors went through.


I remember when I first saw Roots, I remember being impressed to hell by it, I first saw it a few years when my mum got it on DVD, I remember being less impressed when I found out Alex Haley had copied parts of Harold Courlanders The African, and thinking to myself Haley did not need to lie as it is a good story, right from the beginning of the mini-series right through the follow up series as well


well with out Alex we do not know for sure if it is real or not point is it is still a good movie so let's leave it to that shall we?

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The way I see it, if I was going to write about my own family I'd have to invent a few details for anyone further back than my mum and dad because I didn't know my grandparents.

Without the *personal* details the story would have to read like chapters 1-9 of 1 Chronicles in the Bible.

It sounds like a typical account of slavery, going from other stuff I've read on the subject.

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Yep. that is EXACTLY how it was.

He did an exceptional job at blending his OWN uncle chicken george,kizzy,and the rest of em,his parents bertha,and simon et;al, he really did do a great blending of REAL life fact
when it come to HIS familia, and also encompassing fiction(but based on also things yes the black man had to go through,and women,the children,etc. slavery etc,the "gringo" (white man)mistreatment of the good black people... He created ROOTS,and ROOTS-TNG(the next generation) exceptionally well.So well that we are still here talking about it and many generations to come

LOVE this movie!


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Love ROOTS(the next generation,starring:
Ms.Irene Cara,Dorian Harewood.

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