Lifting Alex To The Sky

When Simon and Bertha brought Alex as a baby to Will and Cynthia, it was Will Palmer that lifted baby Alex to the sky, why didn't Bertha or Cynthia do that instead. I know that it was the tradition in the family, but Will was not a descendent of the family and neither was Simon. I guess it was the man's role to do that, but if that was the case, Simon should have done that instead of Will.


It was something the paternal head of the family did. Showing God the continuation of the family. I totally loved watching those men do that.


I was just wondering who lifted Chicken George to the sky, I would assume it would be Kizzy, certainly Tom Moore wouldn’t have done it. If it was definitely the man’s role, Chicken George would have been the 1st one in the family where that tradition wasn’t practiced.


lol @ Dan D your right! LOL

"of course tom moore wouldn't have did that with his"son" at all.

yea 
I think we all will agree on that one. tom was crazy,straight pig racist,yet slept with many slave black women,for his own gratification,i so despise him,throughout the entire movie just about.My father say for decades,how this would be the man's thing in the family.Not the woman-folk,as he call it since i was little.

But i really think as i watch again this weekend all ROOTS series,that it was the man's place to do it,so it make sense WILL PALMER did it,and imo, i love it.Each time i see it for so long now, actually,  since i was around 13 almost three decades,i still get chills,the movie scene,of this and the ROOTS famous music score from start to finish.

LOVE this movie!


BMWRedheadBella 
Love ROOTS(the next generation,starring:
Ms.Irene Cara,Dorian Harewood.

~ Simon and Bertha Palmer,"introduce us to Alexander Palmer Haley." ~


Chicken George never did to Tom and Lewis.