does anyone have the lyrics to the theme song?


I found it myself!

(Tnx to L. Bouwmans)

Try looking back more on days that were slower
When living came easy and neighbours were friends
Paddle wheels turning as kids on the river
Went seeking adventure or some pirate’s den
Muddles and fishing and wrestling and wishing
The day would come quickly when they would be men
That’s where they came from, the time that they came from,
No better time to live and to grow
Oh that’s where they came from, the day’s that they came from,
Life was so carefree not so long ago.

By: paul wilson


Makes me a bit sad to think that a lot of kids can't really experience this kind of freedom thses days.

You go inside the cage?
Cage goes in the water, you go in the water. Shark's in the water