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5-disc box of series 1 available!

$149.99 is very, very steep, I feel. And international shipping is not available, so I cannot buy it, as I live in Britain.

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Amazon only has volume 2 and 3.

If I recall correctly, the 2nd and 3rd series covered much of sereis 1 again. But it's been awhile, I could be wrong. The only Science show I like more than Nova. At least Nova is available on Netflix.

BTW, Scientic Frontoers with Alan Alda is even more outrageously priced than Connections. PBS wants $20 per half hour DVD.

FOX Broadcasting's OFFICIAL petition site ::


I also found it at but they only ship to USA. I wonder why.


Let me preface this with an "I believe"... Ambrose video is selling these and many other DVD's to educational organizations like schools and with it comes a license for multiple showings and all that legal stuff. They likely can't authorize said license to another country so they don't sell (or ship) to other counties in order to avoid possible conflicts.

If you get a chance to look at their catalog, there is plenty of 'I want" material. *grin*


But I will save up and buy it. $150

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It's on par with the cost of Cosmos and other great series and for a show of this quality, I paid it! Just arrived today. Can't wait to watch it!! :)