But is it good?

I absolutely loved the first series, I thought it was really cleverly written and all tied together really well. However, when I came to watch the 2nd and 3rd series I was really very disappointed. A lot of the same material came up over and over again and by the beginning of the third series, the rubbish graphics and weird predictions he makes seem only to have comical value. Also, even though it is very informative, I found that I didn't really learn all that much (from series 2 and 3). It basically had significant events in history and then tenuously linked them together with the same (incredibly repetitive) formula that was really confusing at times. Re-connections was good, but I think he should have either changed the format or simply stopped after the first series.

If you like this, check out "The Ascent of Man" by J. Bronowski and "Civilisation" by Kenneth Clark.


Thanks for the comments. I'm watching the first series (or as us US folks say, season) now, and although good, I don't think the connections are made all that well. Meaning, he ties them together too quickly, especially at the end.


the original is great. but sequels are merely good.


I'm confused as to what you mean with "Series"

Each one hour presentation is, in US language, a program unto itself, and a part of an overall Series.

The "Series" is "Connections"

What is this 2nd and 3rd "Series" to which you refer?

If you are talking about the fact that Mr. Burke follows the same format in the presentation of each program, I can hardly find fault with that. And, unfortunately, it is a fact of life that not all of the "connections" are as exciting as others!

Did Mr. Burke produce another series called "Re-Connections?" I'm only aware of the sequel "The Day The Universe Changed" which used footage from "Connections" and bore some similarity but was equally well produced and fascinating.

I have them all on tape and watch them from time to time with complete fascination.

As an albeit less than famous Video/Film producer myself, I love to watch the quality of the production and the re-creation of the scenes.


There are 3 series of "Connections"

There is the original, and best, then there was "Connections 2" and "Connections 3" which were progressively less than the original. He would have done better to cover other aspects of the impact the discoveries made, such as political or sociological, but instead he tread the very same ground.

I have all 3 but I only re-watch the first series regularly.

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It's difference in the word Great Britain uses and the one the U.S. uses. The U.S. says "season" while the Brits call the same thing a "series."