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Disrespected Presidential Servants

Leslie Uggams and Olivia Cole are the same age in real life, but Uggams is disturbingly cast as Cole's young daughter. The problem is highlighted when the two share the screen, however the disparity dissipates somewhat as the pair ages. What a cast of good looking black men who can also act! Robert Hooks (and his son Kevin), Lou Gossett,and Bill Overton lead of cast of the most handsome black servants ever seen on screen. The supporting cast of Presidential families and white servants show how pathetic and fragile whites in the White House really were. Cloris Leachman did a particularly outstanding job as the bitch...I hated her! I can't help resenting every president for the way they treat their black servant...and African Americans in general. I only hope the Obama(s) are doing a better job in showing respecting to their servants. The "First Maid" for the "First Lady" is an interesting twist on social status. All actors are superb. Why did it take me so long to discover this buried treasure?