DVD vs. Book

Hi all,

After waiting 27 years to see this production again, my DVD's arrived in the mail yesterday. I spent an enjoyable evening reliving the inspiration for my student interest in White House history and subsequent career in US History.

A wonderful production, even if I am a bit more critical than when I was 10 years old - (some slightly wooden moments and chronological inaccuracies) - still a marvelous thing to see and overall an excellent experience. As I watched however, it appeared to me that some scenes were deleted from this version. Anyone else notice this, or am I dreaming? Have I imagined scenes from the book version of the miniseries as part of the television production?

The book version is great, not the usual stiff writing of tv-to-book works, and I would highly recommend it along with Mrs. Parks' original. I purchased the book version of the series over 20 years ago and I've forgotten how many times I've read it. A few years ago I was lucky enough to acquire copies of Lillian Rogers Parks' book which is equally enjoyable. Anyway, for those interested, the book version of the series includes many more scenes than the DVD and I'm wondering if the additional book scenes were ever part of the miniseries.

Glad to know there are so many fans of this excellent production,


Hi glenbt,

The new DVD release of "Backstairs at the White House" is complete with no deleted scenes. I know, because I have a videotape recording of the program from when it originally aired on NBC, and I have watched that tape many, many times. The DVD is exactly the same as the original tape, so don't worry, there are no deleted scenes.

I am curious as to the book you mention. I have a copy of "Backstairs at the White House" by Ms. Parks and Francis Leighton which was released in the early 60's I believe, but is there another version that is more contemporary and goes with the TV production? Please let us know. Many thanks.



Gwen Bagni and Paul Dubov wrote a novelization of the miniseries that was released as a paperback at the time it aired, and it has a number of additional scenes that were not in the final end-product indicating that they were working off a rough draft script.


I used to have a copy of the paperback version, but I somehow lost it. I thought the paperback was even better than the tv mini-series.

I had to pay $20 on ebay for an old library copy of Lillian Rogers Parks' original book, but it was worth it. My only disappointment in it is that there are no pictures! Only the photo of Lillian on the cover. It would have been great to have had at least a picture in there of her mother, Maggie.

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Thanks for the info on the paperback book. I'm going to try and locate a copy of it. I would enjoy having it as part of my collection.


I am in the process of reading the book after borrowing and watching the dvd from my local library. I enjoyed the mini-series, and I would highly recommend the book. It is well-written and contains many interesting tidbits.


FYI, namesake and others.

Bagni and Dubov's book was written in hardcover and then paperback. It was their "treatment" for the miniseries. The non fiction book is Lillian's own "My 30 years backstairs at the white house". The Dubovs book (they were married) is closer to the miniseries than Lillian's because Lillian did not touch on her mom's years in hers. More info, in booklet that comes with discs.