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I want to see this because of Vic Morrow

I love him.

I'm stuck in the Seventies and that ain't no jive.


Same here Corrinna. I just caught this movie last week and decided to record it. Its a horrible movie and its such a damn shame Vic Morrow had to go in this direction. The guy just wanted to act. *beep* Hollywood wouldn't sign him up for anything because they were afraid of Vic. He deserved much, much better than this *beep* I like his first appearance in the movie. Its a nice shot of him. Whenever he appears in the movie he dominates the screen. He was a more powerful screen presence in this movie than any of the Star Wars cast in the six Star Wars films. Well, at least we have Combat. You can't beat that. God Bless Vic Morrow and may he continue and always Rest in Peace.


It's on YouTube as well. The movie does look horrendous but I'll watch it because Vic Morrow was too good to miss.

"Combat!" is still quite popular all over the world and Morrow has many fans who love him as the Sarge. Quite a few of said fans are women.

I ordered the complete series last month from Amazon for $99. It was worth every penny.

C.C. Loves B.G.


It must be me but i disagree with those who say its a terrible film,now it aint great but you could take the same script change up the cast and the SFXs and you would have a really decent film ...and Vic was just fine in it imo

"Nee ta ma duh tyen-shia suo-yo duh run doh gai si"


He was one of those rare actors who could make a bad or mediocre movie enjoyable.

He's still terribly missed.

"What say there, Fuzzy Britches? Feel like talking?"


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